BSC.AFM – KSOU University

Semester I

BMA-01 Theory English I
BMA-02 Theory Indian Constitution
BMA-03 Theory Foundation course in Classical Animation
BMA-04 Theory Principles of Animation
BMA-05 Theory Creativity
BMA-06 Theory Introductions to 3D
BMA-P1 Practical Computer Laboratory on 2D Animation
BMA-P2 Practical Computer Laboratory on Multimedia-1

Semester II

BMA-07 Theory Communication English II
BMA-08 Theory Environmental Science
BMA-09 Theory Animation Techniques
BMA-10 Theory Audio-Video Tools & Technology
BMA-P3 Practical Computer Graphics & Multimedia -II
BMA-P4 Practical 2D Digital Animation
BMA-P5 Practical 3D Graphics Animation Design

Semester III

BMA-11 Theory Film Appreciation and Analysis
BMA-12 Theory Digital Television Production
BMA-P6 Practical 2D Ink Paint & Compositing Techniques
BMA-P7 Practical 3D Modelling
BMA-P8 Practical Web Designing & Development
BMA-P9 Practical Pre Production
BMA-P10 Practical Post Production

Semester IV

BMA-13 Theory Production for Animation
BMA-14 Theory CL ON 3D character design
BMA-P11 Practical Editing
BMA-P12 Practical Advanced Concepts
3D Materials Lighting & Rendering
BMA-P13 Practical Maya Fundamentals
BMA-P14 Practical Project (Animated Spot)

Semeste V

BMA-15 Theory Fundamental of Game Technology
BMA-P15 Practical Game Development
BMA-P16 Practical 3D Advanced Modelling
Character Rigging, Rendering
BMA-P17 Project Project (Part I)

Semester VI

BMA-16 Project Project Report(Short Film)

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