BSC.AFM – PTU University

Semester 1

BSCAFM-101 Overview of Animation Theory
BSCAFM-102 Basic Foundation Art Theory
BSCAFM-103 Mechanics Of Animation Theory
BSCAFM-104 Basic Classical Animation Theory
BSCAFM-105 Communication & Soft Skills Theory
BSCAFM-106 Project Practical
BSCAFM-107 Practical Practical

Semester 2

BSCAFM-201 Basic Digital Animation
BSCAFM-202 Basic 3D Animation
BSCAFM-203 Basic Of compositing
BSCAFM-204 Projects
BSCAFM-205 Practical

Semester 3

BSCAFM-301 Language Of Camera & Cinematography
BSCAFM-302 Advanced Foundation Art
BSCAFM-303 Advanced Classical Animation
BSCAFM-304 Projects
BSCAFM-305 Practical

Semester 4

BSCAFM-401 Advanced 3D Animation
BSCAFM-402 VFX Overview
BSCAFM-403 Sound(Audio Technology/Electronic Music)
BSCAFM-404 Projects
BSCAFM-405 Practical

Semester 5

BSCAFM-501 Clay Animation
BSCAFM-502 Editing
BSCAFM-503 Post Production Of Film & Television
BSCAFM-504 Projects
BSCAFM-505 Practical

Semester 6

BSCAFM-601 Pre Production Of Film
BSCAFM-602 Production Of Film
BSCAFM-603 Post Production Of Film

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